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Welcome to Hogar de Niños. Our home was built on land purchased by a generous donation from a dental clinic. All of the staff at the dental clinic, including a part-time receptionist, donated one day's pay to purchase the land.

There are two buildings at Los Niños. The main building, which surrounds a beautiful courtyard, contains our sleeping quarters, school/activity rooms, computer lab, kitchen, and offices. The smaller building contains a chapel and sleeping quarters for Sister and Sister Alba. Both of these buildings were built by the Japanese government.

There are three bedrooms that we sleep in. One room is for the younger boys, one is for the older boys, and there is also a room for the boys who just arrive at the hogar so that they can slowly adjust to their new environment.

We make our beds every morning and help with chores around our home. We also do our own laundry.

When we are all dressed we line up in the courtyard and walk to school together. The school is about half a mile away from our front door. When we get home from school we all sit down in the study room and do our homework. There are several people who help us with our homework.

When we finish our homework we get to go to a computer class and learn how to type. Our teacher is trained in computers. There are a lot of jobs in Nicaragua where you need to know how to use a computer so this helps us. Also, Cristo Sana just brought us some new computers with learning games so that we can play them on the computer.

In the afternoon we have some free time. We can go to the arts and crafts room and make hammocks or piñatas. We can also draw and paint pictures. If we want to spend time outside we go in the backyard and play basketball, soccer, baseball, or marbles. When the people from Cristo Sana come to visit us they play with us too.

On special church celebrations and when people from Cristo Sana come to visit us we have mass at our chapel.

Cristo Sana has a dental chair at Los Niños, so when they come to visit us, they clean our teeth and they also invite the people in the neighborhood to come and get their teeth cleaned. They taught us to brush and floss our teeth everyday.

In our backyard we have cows, pigs, goats, and chicken. We also have citrus and cashew trees. It is nice to have all of these animals around us.

Our Education

We attend a neighborhood school called La Epifania. The school consists of three small buildings within walking distance of Los Niños. The younger boys go to school in the morning and the older boys go to school in the afternoon because there are not enough classrooms. Right now the Nicaraguan government allows up to 50 children per classroom. Cristo Sana is hoping that in the future they can hire a teacher to work at Los Niños. We would still go to school at La Epifania, but this teacher would help us learn more when we are not at school.

Right now, our school teaches us up to a high school level. After we reach that level, Los Niños sends us to high school in Granada. It costs almost $200 US dollars for each of us to go to high school. Cristo Sana feels that education is a primary need for the success of all of us at Los Niños.

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